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Wayne County Child Custody Lawyer

While the end of a marriage is highly personal, the involvement of children in a divorce heightens emotions. With an undergraduate degree from Cornell in family studies and human development, New York divorce lawyer Denise R. Munson takes a humanist approach in navigating her clients through the process of child custody.

A Personable And Approachable Walworth Custody And Visitation Rights Attorney

Whether it evolved over time or happened after the split, lack of communication between divorcing couples only complicates already complex custody matters. They cannot control how they act toward each other, even when the children are around.

Without communication and cooperation, maintaining a civil custody and visitation agreement becomes challenging. Arguments arise over the smallest issues:

  • Spouses disagree over the “exchange” of their children. Does it occur in public? Who gets out of the car or do they meet halfway between their vehicles?
  • One spouse will not let the other park in his or her driveway to drop off or pick up the children. Yet, parking on the street results in accusations that the children’s safety is at risk.
  • Holiday schedules become disputes over which spouse drives where and argue over sharing the holiday or alternating year after year.

Spouses hurt by a divorce filing can amplify the smallest issues such as medical treatment, club/activity fees, and public versus private school. A divorced couple’s inability to work together impacts their relationship and the one they enjoy with their children.

The founder of our law firm helps them make good decisions and focus on what comes first: the best interests of their children.

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